Pronunciation: Drow-ger
Old Norse:Dvergr
Anglo Saxon:Dweorgh
A draugr is a corporeal undead. Draugrs were believed to live in the graves of dead vikings, being the actual body of the dead. Views differed on whether the personality and soul of the dead person lingered in the draugr. As the graves of important men often contained a good amount of wealth, the draugr jealously guarded his treasures, even after death. All draugr were possessed of superhuman strength and some were immune to usual weapons. To defeat a draugr, a hero was often necessary, since only such a man had strength and courage enough to stand up to so formidable an opponent. The hero would often have to wrestle with the draugr and so defeat him, since weapons would do no good.
The draugr were said to be either hel-blar (“as black as death”) or, conversely, na-folr (“corpse-pale).
Some draugr were able to leave their dwelling place, the burial mound, and visit the living during the night. Such visits were universally horrible events, and often ended in death for one or more of the living, and warranted the exhumation of the draugrs tomb of a hero.