Pronunciation: Ah-jeer
Other names:Hler( Sea ), Gýmirr( Sea Engulfer ) Alternatives: Ägir, Ægir
Old Norse: Ægir, Old High German: Eger Proto-Germanic: Æ’gwijaz (“Sea”)
Aegir is the ruler of the Oceans and seas and the personification of its raw power, life and strength for good or ill in the affairs of men. In Norse poetry, the ‘jaws of Aegir’ were what sank ships at sea. Aegir is master over the churning waves and weather upon the waters and is famed for his skills in soothing the raging flood and gale.
Aegir is the greatest of brewers, he brews mead and ale for the gods and is renown for the hospitality of his golden hall where he regularly hosts many of the feasts for the Gods and Goddesses.
Like many of the Aesir, Aegir draws his lineage from the frost giants. He is descended from Fornjot and is the brother of Loki (fire) and Kari (wind).
His wife is Ran, a less than friendly Goddess of the sea. Together they have nine daughters, dressed in white robes, who are the waves of the Sea:
Bara (“Wave”), Blodughadda (“Bloody hair”), Bylgia (“Billow”),
Dufa (“Dripping”), Hefring (“”Raising), Himinglaeva (“Heaven Bright”),
Hronn (“Wave”), Kolga (“Cool Wave”), and Unn (“Wave”)
Aegir had two servants, Fimafeng (“Quick service”) who was killed by Loki, and Eldir(“Fire stoker”).