Pronunciation: Mah-nee
Mani is the god of the moon and a son of Mundilfari and Glaur. Mani pulled the moon through the sky every night, pursued by the wolf Hati (Hatred). Lunar eclipses were caused by Hati coming close to catching Mani; children banged pots together and made great noise, hoping to scare Hati away from the moon. Monday is named after him (Moon day).
Mani is unusual because lunar deities tend to be female, nearly universally, probably because of the connection between Menstruation and the phases of the moon. See also Vidfinn for a hypothesis about the source of the nursery rhyme called Jack and Jill.
The Moon is always masculine in Germanic language and culture, just as the Sun is always feminine. Traces of this concept survive even today in the English “the Man in the Moon”. The Moon is the brother of the Sun: and like her he is seen as driving a wagon drawn by a horse called Hrimfaxi (Ice-Mane) and chased by a troll in wolf-shape who will devour him at Ragnarok. He drives the wagon which carries the Moon across the sky of Night, and is considered to be the embodiment of its Holy might.