Old Norse:
Freyr or Yngvi-Freyr, Ingu, ar-Freyr Pronunciation: Fray-er
Anglo-Saxon: Ing or Frea, Old High German: Fro
Proto-Germanic: Ingwaz
Alternate:Yng, Ingui, Ingvi, Yngvi, Fro Ing (Lord Ing), Frej, Frö, Fröj Wagnerian: Froh
Ing is better known by his title; Freyr meaning “Lord”. He is the twin brother of Freyja, son to Njord and Nerthus. Along with Odin and Thor he was one of the most popular gods, and received many offerings. His wife is the bright and beautiful Giantess Gerda.
Freyr is a leading member of the Vanir, the Lord of the Earth, and a God of fertility, peace and prosperity. Like Odin, Freyr is strongly associated with the institution of Sacred Kingship and he fathered the royal line of Sweden.
Freyr was given the Relm of the Elves, Alfheim, as a gift for having his first tooth, and he presides over the Elves as their King.
Freyr is a very important and popular God in the native Germanic religion; He is a giver of riches, called on for success and growth in all fields of endeavor. He controls the fertility of the earth: good weather, gentle rains and sunshine,
Prayers are also offered to Freyr for frith (fruitful peace), prosperity, and protection in battle. He is especially connected with the blessings and worship given to the ancestral and land spirits.
Freyr is described as being very handsome, powerful, merciful and kind, and is called the “God of the World”. As a fertility God of love and pleasure, Freyr was often depicted with an enlarged phallus.
Animals sacred to Freyr include the stag and the boar. Like these animals, he could be very peaceful and gentle, and also very fierce when provoked. These reflect two sides of Freyr: Freyr the Gentle Lord of Mirth and Harvests, and Freyr the Liberator, who can be quite fierce in the defense of freedom. The formation known as the “battle boar” was dedicated to this fighting spirit of his. He has a boar named Gullinborsti (“Golden Bristles”) on which he can ride over air and water. He once had a horse named Bloody Hooved, having to do with his role as battle-god and a sword which could fight of its own accord., but these he gave to his servant Skírnir (the Shining One) for winning the giant-maiden Gerd for him.
A considerable remnant of Freyr’s cultic practices survived under the guise of Christian saints whose domain was patron saint of plowmen, seeding time, fertility, and fecundity, Saint Leonard in Germany, who was the patron of freeing prisoners and of farm animals, who were openly phallic saints and even had wooden phalluses attached to their statues, which people would rub to increase their fertility.
Freyr gives up his sword for love. and at the battle at the end of the world: Ragnarok, Freyr will fight Surtur with a stag’s antler.
Other names:
Vaningi – Ing of the Vanir
Frodhi – Fruitful
Veraldergod – God of the world
Atridi – Out rider
Uppridi – Up rider
Skeratyr – Harvest god
Audhurtyr – Wealth god