Heimdall (“pole of the world”) is the son of Odin and the Nine Waves; the daughters of Aegir and Ran. His hall is called Himinbjörg (“Heavens’ Mountain”). He owns the Gjallarhorn (“Horn Resounding”) which he shall blow at the beginning of Ragnarok to gather the mighty host of the Gods and their chosen warriors to battle the forces of evil.
Heimdall is the guardian of the Bifrost bridge (which connects the shining realm of the Gods to the world of man) and Asgard. His senses are so acute that he can hear the grass grow and he can see to the end of the world, he also requires little to no sleep.
Using the name “Rig” (“ruler”), Heimdal walked among our ancient ancestors, and laid the foundations for the various tribal cultures, who gifted mankind with social order, civilization, and runes.
On his journeys, Rig fathered and gave wisdom to the three classes of humankind – slaves, freemen, and the warrior ruling class.
Heimdall is described as very fair, with golden teeth. His horse is called Gulltoppr (“Golden-Mane”).
Heimdall is sometimes seen as a rather aloof god and lacking in humor; however, he is a great teacher, and an especially good god to call on for those who work in subjects calling for cool intellect rather than the furious inspiration given by Odin.
He is a great foe of Loki and during Ragnarok, Heimdall is destined to kill and be killed by Loki.
<strong>Other names :</strong>
Rig – King
Gullintani – Golden toothed
Vindler – Turner, winder
Hallinskidhi – Slippery skis
Hvíturas – White God