Old Norse: Njördhr Pronunciation: N-yoard
Alternative: Njord, Njörd, Njördh, Njörðr, Njorth, Njërðr Anglo-Saxon: Nirdu
NORWAY is named after him (Njord’s + way = Land).
Njord is one of the Vanir and the god of seamanship and sailing. He is the father of Freyr and Freyja by his sister Nerthus. (apparently the Vanir, unlike the Æsir, were allowed to practice sibling incest). His dwelling is said to be Noatun ‘Ship Stead’.
Njord and his children joined the Æsir as Vanir hostages after the Æsir/Vanic war.
The King of the Vanic Gods, Njord was directly responsible for bringing the primeval war between the Gods to an end, and in establishing peace between the two tribes. Down through the ages, Heathens have remembered him for this monumental feat, and to this day, still call upon him for peace. Njord has sway over the fertility of the land, success of crops and wealth of men, though his main attribute remains the dominion over the prosperity and blessings gotten from the seas. Njord was at one time married to the giantess Skadhi, though after each failed to adjust to life at the homestead of the other, the marriage dissolved. Njord can be found in the genealogy of Swedish Kings – according to some sources, he was their first ruler; in others, he is listed subsequent to Ing Fro. Although he is not very active in the Northern tales, he is still seen as god of the sea and of ships, and also thought of as a giver of riches and also a god closely associated with a good harvest and fertility as are the Vanir in general. He was usually blessed together with his son.