Old Norse: Forseti, Pronunciation: Fore-set-ee
Frisian: Fosite, Foseti.Anglo Saxon: Forsyte Old High German: forsite
Proto-Germanic: Furasatijan (“For-Sitter” = Chairman)

Forseti (“presiding one”) is the Germanic god of justice through arbitration and also a settler of lawsuits and quarrels.

He is the son of Baldur and Nanna. His home is called Glitnir (“shining”) which has a silver roof upheld by golden pillars.

Patron god of the Frisians and giver of their laws. Beasts on his island could not be harmed and silence had to be kept while drinking from the spring on his holy island, which he had brought forth from the rock with his axe.

It is interesting to note that in even today’s Iceland, the president is still called a “Forseti”