Alternative: Nanda Pronunciation: Naa-naa
Nanna is a Goddess of Asynjur, daughter of Nep and the wife of Baldur, mother of Brono. They are both Aesir and live together in Briedablik (“Broadly Gleaming”) in Asgard. With Baldur, she was the mother of Forseti.
Nannas’ name may mean “the daring one”. According to the Prose Edda version of the story, she dies of grief when her husband Balder is slain, and is burned on the pyre with him. Her name indicates boldness and a willingness to dare or strive, and true to her character, there is a heart of strength and courage which underlies the gentleness of her subtle disposition. Nanna‚Äôs fortitude demands a resolve to strive forward, to continue despite loss and hardship- so too, we might expect such a Bold Goddess to willingly walk alongside her husband, even into the darkest of shadows – to remain with him in death as she had done so in life. Nanna shines as the epitome of feminine courageousness, unwavering loyalty, and nobility of heart