Sacred Symbols

[tab name=”Traditional Sacred Symbols”]

The objects the Germanic peoples used in their religious ceremonies and in everyday life are usually very rich in spiritual symbolism, often incorperating motifs of celestial importance. Throughout the many millenia of their existance, our holy symbols have manifested and appeared in a great many variations, often appearing very stylized and at times somewhat cryprtic.

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[tab name=”Totem Animals”]
The ancient Germanic tribes lived in harmony with nature, and as their spiritual beliefs are based very much on the natural world, both wild and domestic beasts are highly revered. It was sensed that certain animals have special unique energies and elements of their nature and being that brought them into association with that of the various Gods and Goddesses whom they came to represent. These totem animals are often seen in dreams and visions as symbolic bearers of wisdom and might.

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[tab name=”Reclaiming Our Symbols”]

Our symbols have existed for many millenia free from any conatations of fear and racial hatred. Unfortunately, there presently exists multiple groups of people and government sponsored organizations who believe it is their job to save the world from racists. For these groups to survive they must continually find more racists to justify their own existence. In the past few years these groups have focused on our ancient ancestral religion; Asatru. Some of these groups have gone out of their way to bring dishonor to our people and our religion. To further their goals these organizations lie to law enforcement officials, they lie to the media, and they lie to many of the people that they represent. These lies have been proven to be false time and time again. The Anti-Defamation League’s decision to list the Thors Hammer, Valknot, and certain runic symbols as Neo-Nazi or generic racist symbols is an insult to our people. It offends everyone who is Asatru. Our sacred symbols represent that which is best in each and every one of us and what our people are, they are our strength, and our protection which empowers our us as a people to have the willingness to stand, no matter what the odds are because in the end we will overcome ALL detriments placed before us. Listing any of our sacred symbols in this manner is absolutely unacceptable, trying to list it, as heathen symbols co-opted by racists is an attempt by The Anti-Defamation League to discriminate against Heathens since Christian, Moslem, and Jewish holy symbols are all used by their own racists ( such as the Christian KKK, the Jewish Kach Movement, and the Muslim Nation of Islam, among many other groups) but are not included on their lists.

Asatru is not a religion based upon fear or hate, and we have an in-defiable right to use ALL of our ancient sacred symbols without being associated with fear and racial prejudice.
These are OUR symbols, and only we will dictate how they will be displayed and how they are going to be used. We will also live with those consequences and take that responsibility. We are a diverse people; we exist in all walks of life. We honour the laws in the lands where we exist and we honour a person right to believe in whatever religion they choose. We honour our the Germanic Gods and Goddesses as our ancient kin, (the gods of the various Germanic Tribes) and live our lives by the Nine Noble Virtues. We look to peacefully live our lives by our own morals and build our religion for our future generations.