The Raven is most closely associated with Odin, and as such, are birds of cunning, swift moving intelligence, esoteric wisdom, victory, war and death. Odin’s two ravens, named Huginn and Muninn (translated as “thought” and “memory” respectively) sit at each of his shoulders and whisper in his ears all they see and hear. Shamanically, they represent the mind of the seer, flying silently through the 9 worlds of the universe, gathering hidden knowledge, gaining in wisdom, insight and inspiration. As birds of omens, the flight of ravens were used in predicting the future, while their harsh cries foretold the outcome of battles. Carrion birds associated with death, ravens will accompany the souls of the dead to the various afterworlds, and as such are blessed with the clear vision of the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. Under the raven banners, the Viking invaders were said to be invincible against the English armies.