Pronunciation: Vid-are
Old Norse Víðarr Alternate: Vitharr, Vithar
Vidar (“the Silent God,”) is the son of Odin and the Goddess Grid. god of silence, stealth and revenge. In the reborn world that arises after Ragnarok (in which Vidar kills the giant wolf Fenris), Vidar is preordained to rule in Odin’s stead.
At Ragnarok, Vidar will tear Fenrir’s jaws apart, avenging Odin and freeing him (or at least some important part of his spirit) from the Wolf’s belly. His name may mean “the Wide-Ruling One”. He is renowned for his unwavering sense of duty and dependability, especially in times of trial or need- even the Gods themselves will often turn to his assistance in difficult or trying situations! According to the myths, Vidar possesses an exceptional shoe made from the leather trimmings that are cut from each pair of new shoes as the cobbler fashions the heel and toe. Craftsmen who wish to aid the Gods in their Doom must discard these scraps, as it has been done since ancient times. He will avenge his father’s death at the end of the worlds: Ragnarok.