Old Norse: Sif Pronunciation: Sif
Anglo-Saxon: Sibba Old High German: Sippe (tribe) Gothic sibja
Sif (“relative”) is a goddess of the Aesir.
Sif is the wife of Thor, and together they are the parents of Thrud (“strength”). With her former husband, she is the mother of Uller, the God of winter and hunting.
Sif’s name is translated as “blood relation”, “kindred”, “tribe” and “clan”. Thus while Thor protects and supports society, Sif is responsible for the unity of the families and tribes within that society. She ensures their prosperity and well-being, blessing them and binding them together with the true realization of frith: the peace, comfort and security which lies at the root of each, and that which provides a firm foundation for the joy, strength, and advancement which can only come from a healthy, stable and prosperous Family.
Sif is best known for her long golden hair. She appears only in one surviving tale: where Loki cuts her hair off in the night and, to save himself from Thor’s wrath, gets the dwarfs to forge hair of real gold for her, along with several of the other great treasures of the gods. It has often been suggested that she is also a fertility goddess, whose rippling golden hair may be seen in the ripe grain.
In the prologue to the Prose Edda, she is also called a seeress.