Pronunciation: Od-er
Odr is the name of Freyja’s beloved husband. He is also known as Svipdag and Erich, and possibly also as Herm-Odr. He is extremely eloquent (but also a bit ill-tempered), thus his name Odr which is the same as the root-word on which Odin’s name is based, “fury,” or that from which Odroerir is derived, “inspiration”.
According to “The Lay of Hyndla”, Odr is Swipdag and was part of the team for a long time, until he disobeyed orders and was banished by the Aesir, and was lost at sea. Freyja searched all over the earth for him, and when she found him, he had degenerated into a sea monster. Still, she stayed by his side. One day, Hadding-Dietrich happened upon the sea monster and killed him. Freyja was so upset she told Dietrich he’d better swear to blot the Vanir for the rest of his life lest she kill him on the spot for slaying one of the finest of the gods. Dietrich agrees. Freyja then goes and finds Gullveig, under the name of Hyndla, to get Swipdag-Odr’s (“Ottar”) genealogy to ensure he gets into Valhall.
Then in Eriksmal we see that Swipdag-Odr-Erik does indeed make it into Valhall, where he can now be with Freyja forever.