Yggdrasil / Irminsul

Yggdrasil is the “World tree”, a gigantic tree and central pillar that binds connects binds the 9 worlds of the Universe together. Also know as The name Yggdrasil translates as: Ygg “terrible” + drasil “steed”. Yggr is another name of Odin, giving a meaning of “Odin’s steed”

Yggdrasil was known as the Irminsul to the contenental Germanic tribes, and historically, was an oak or wooden pillar venerated by the Saxons which was said to connect heaven and earth. The name Irminsul is translated as “mighty Pillar”and is derived from “IRMIN” the ancient contenental Saxon name for Odin (Old Norse: Jörmunr). Thus it represents a cosmic balance, order, personal power, spiritual creativity, growth, and hidden knowlage.
The ancient symbol of the cosmic tree Irminsul / Yggdrasil still continues to be widely honoured up to modern times at Yuletide in the disguised and Christianized form of the Christmas Tree