Old Norse: Frigga Pronunciation: Frih-gah
Anglo-Saxon: Frige Old High German: Frija, Wagnerian: Fricka
Friday is named after her (Frigga’s day).
Frigga is the mother goddess and the wife of Odin. With him she is the mother of Baldur, Bragi, Hermod. Eir a goddess of healing was one of her constant companions. Many of the goddesses listed in Snorri’s Prose Edda are considered to be among her handmaidens, including Sága, Eir, Gefjon, Fulla, Sjofn, Lofn, Vár, Vor, Syn, Hlin, Snotra, and Gná.
Frigga’s hall in Asgard is Fensalir (“marsh-halls”).
Frigga is the matron goddess of the home and of the mysteries of the married woman. She is seen as Odin’s match (and sometimes his better) in wisdom; she shares his high-seat, from which they look out over the worlds together, and she participated in the Asgardreid along with her husband.
Frigga is considered queen-goddess of the heavens, and the female embodiment of sovereignty.
She is the goddess of motherhood, fertility, love, marriage and housework. Particularly concerned with keeping social order. She is called on for blessings when women are giving birth and for help in matters of traditional women’s crafts (spinning, weaving, cooking, sewing) and the magic worked thereby. Mothers who want to protect their children can also call on Frigga. In olden days, this was especially the case with sons going out to battle, for whom their mothers would weave or sew special protective items. Thus, she is also called Hlin (protectress).
Matron of good, strong marriage, childbirth and child rearing, as well as the various necessary crafts of the home- spinning is especially attributed to her care, hence the distaff / spindle are long-held symbols of the beloved Goddess from Heathen times.
She is also a seeress, who knows the destiny and fate of all, although she seldom reveals it.
While Freyja seems to enjoy the greatest popularity within preserved mythological sources, it is undoubtedly Frigga who is highest of all Goddesses. And despite the likeness of names and a somewhat similar relationship to Odin, Frigga should not be confused with Freyja, who shares none of her essential traits.