Pronunciation: Eye-n-hare-yar
Alternate: Einheriar
The Einherjar are the spirits of warriors who had died bravely in battle. The term Einherjar means “the One Harriers” and refers to their devotion to perfecting themselves for the benifit of the Gods. Half of the Einherjar are escorted to the halls of Vallhall from the battlefield after dying by the Valkyries; the other half went to Freyja’s hall, Folkvang. The spirits of the Einherger live on in these Halls where every day they are awakened by the rooster Gullinkambi, to hone their battle skills and train all day until they are all cut to pieces. At night, they are reborn and they eat from the Boar Saehrimnir (“Sooty sea beast”). During Ragnarok, Odin will call up the Einherjar to fight the frost giants.